Dental Diary


When you are in the practice you have your management software package all in front of you and you can easily see your appointments for you and your team colleagues. But what happens once you’ve stepped out of the practice? How do you know what appointments you have tomorrow? Or next Friday? Or in two months’ time?

Let’s say, you leave your practice early on a Monday and, in that time, one of your receptionists cancels your first appointment of the day for Tuesday – which is at 9:30. Your next appointment on that day isn’t until 11:00. How would you know that this has happened and that you won’t have to travel through the morning’s busy traffic? It’s the same problem if if you’ve had some time off – or if you work in multiple practices.

Complete control over your day’s appointments as well as your next day, week and month, no matter where you are or what time it is.

Get updates of any new appointments booked online through Appointmentor as well as any feedback left by patients through PatientConnections in real time.